The Company

H&G Automobile

Your used car dealer in Bielefeld

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Halit Demirtas. I am the owner and managing director of the individual enterprise H&G Automobile.

The name Demirtas has stood for successful car sales for 35 years. I have continued this tradition since I was 18. During my studies at Bielefeld University I gained my first experience as a manager of a car dealership. Since 2012 I have managed my own company – H&G Automobile.

The H&G Automobile Pavilion

My sales area and showroom

H&G Automobile Pavilion - Used Car Showroom

All my vehicles undergo intensive testing and subsequent reconditioning before receiving the protection necessary to allow you to enjoy a used car in perfect condition. Come experience the quality of my vehicles for yourself and visit me at my H&G Automobile Pavilion in Bielefeld.

Superior quality used cars at fair prices

What does "superior quality" mean to me?

  • Outstanding quality characteristics:
    Complete and uninterrupted service records
  • Thoroughness of vehicle history:
    Low number of previous owners, of times serviced, invoices for repairs
  • Prerequisite of our guarantee::
    a faultlessly functioning power engine (motor & transmission)
  • Prerequisite for a new GI (general inspection)/ET(exhaust emissions test):
    good condition of the usual wear parts
  • good overall condition:
    no significant defects in the vehicle paint or body or damage to the interior (e.g. tears or similar)

Tips for car buyers

What should you take into consideration when buying a used car from a private party?

  1. Never buy a car from someone who has no identification!
    In the event that discrepancies or serious defects are discovered on the car, the seller's personal information ensures that you can contact them at a later date (e.g. with questions about the vehicle, or in the event of a legal dispute).
  2. Avoid purchasing transactions at motorway service areas, unfamiliar backyards or alleys or similar!
    This type of method usually conceals an attempted fraud (manipulations to the mileage on the odometer, to accident damage, engine/transmission damage or similar).
  3. Inspect the vehicle thoroughly!
    Observe the condition of the paint, the gap widths as well as the usual wear parts found in the interior, such as steering wheel and gearshift lever. Strong signs of scuffing and fading are often indicators of heavier wear and tear and higher mileage.

    Colour deviations in the paint and considerably different gap widths on doors are almost certainly evidence of an accident. Im In case of doubt you should have the vehicle inspected at a DEKRA motor vehicle inspection station.
  4. Do not purchase a vehicle without an extensive test drive!
    Run the engine until it is warm and test the power at full throttle and in kick-down position. After warming up the vehicle, take a closer look under the bonnet. On engines with high mileage a slight oil loss, so-called sweating, is normal. Considerable traces of oil on the engine or beneath the vehicle should be viewed critically. These are signs of a leak on the engine or transmission.
  5. Examine the service record and all other car documents thoroughly!
    If there are discrepancies in the documents, ask the seller to explain why. Example: the car was driven 10,000 km every year, but last year only 1,000 km – why such a large difference?